Morning Ritual By Vape Wild E-Liquid 60ML

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Getting up in the morning can sometimes be a little rough because you do not want to move away from your comfortable bed. The funny thing is that your bed is not all that comfy, but when it is time to get up in the morning for work or school, your bed may turn into the best thing in the world. Well, this e liquid is now going to try helping you get up, and start of your day. Morning Ritual is the name of the e liquid that will help out in making your morning routine smoother. When you take a pull of this e liquid, you are going to taste the coffee flavor making its way into your mouth. This coffee is going to have the power to make you feel a bit alert. This get’s rid of the chore of having to get up and turn on the coffee pot so that you can have a fresh cup sometime soon. As you keep pulling, you are going to taste the delicious tobacco starting to make its way in. The classic flavor is going to have a bold taste, and make you feel as if the tobacco leaves were carefully roasted in the beaming sun. Its okay, because the tobacco loves the sun and catching a couple of rays. As both of these flavors start to mingle with each other, they begin to make their way down your throat. The throat hit is not going to be intense, but it is going to be a trip like no other. You feel this eruption of flavors that is going to make you feel eager to jump out of bed and start getting ready. When you exhale, you are going to taste the last few tasty notes that this blend has to offer, teasing your tastes buds and convincing you that a second draw will be ideal.

Primary Flavors: Tobacco, Coffee

Nicotine level

12MG, 3MG, 6MG


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