Strawberries By Vape Wild E-Liquid 60ML

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Strawberries – Vape Wild E Liquid

When most people think about berries, the first one that they can name is usually the strawberry because it is the one that is incorporated in many snacks. From pastries to yogurt, it seems as if you can add strawberries to anything and it will be unforgettable. Now, this berry is taking over the vaping industry by allowing you to enjoy an e liquid that is made from only the freshest ones. Strawberries is the name of the e liquid that is going to let you know that you have not experienced everything when it comes to vaping. It is also notifying you that it took several of these berries to come up with this concoction. When you take the first pull of this blend, you are going to notice the sudden burst of plenty of strawberries beginning to storm into your mouth as if it was a race to see who can get in first. It is a race that you were not expecting, but one that you have no complaints about. The strawberries are going to touch every spot inside your mouth so that you do not feel unsatisfied when you exhale. The strawberries are eventually going to continue to make their way down your throat so that you can get the small throat hit that it has loaded for you to try out. It is not going to be an intense one, but one that is going to have you feeling as if you just shoved several more berries into your mouth because you felt you had a bit more room. When you have to exhale, you are going to feel as if there is a basket of strawberries trying to make its way out. The clouds you are going to create are going to surround you with this strawberry fragrance that is going to leave you in shock. It will be like nothing you might have experienced before.


Primary Flavors: Strawberry

PG/VG: 35/65

Nicotine level



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