Gold Label By Vape Wild E-Liquid 60ML

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A rich tobacco flavor most of the time makes the mouth water. Well, add this one to your mouth watering collection because it is going to do what it is supposed to do. Gold Label is the name of the e liquid that is going to give you all of the bold flavors that you have been craving. When you take the first pull, you are going to taste the rich tobacco flavor making its way inside of your mouth, and trust when we tell you that this is not going to compare to any other tobacco blends. This is going to be something that is out of this world. The tobacco is going to wander around your mouth and it seems as if the longer you hold it, the richer it gets. You would think your mouth was the sun roasting these tobacco leaves up. Maybe in another world, this would be the case, but in this lifetime, the sun in the sky is what made this tobacco taste so good. You start to picture yourself walking through a field of tobacco leaves roasting in the sun as if they were pale individuals getting a tan at the beach. Well, good thing the tobacco is not going to taste like those people thinking they can use some color, even if they do come out looking like nacho cheese tortilla chips. Anyways, the tobacco leaves enjoy the rays coming from the sun, and you can see them developing this golden color that will seem as if they are turning into something that you have to drop major cash in order to vape with. The tobacco begins to make its way down your throat and you grow excited for the throat hit that it is about to give you. It is going to be small and not too intense, which is perfect for you because now you can focus on the eruption of the rich flavor making its way around your mouth. If your mouth was not salivating before then it might be now. As your taste buds begin to freak out, you realize that you have to exhale soon or you might not be conscious to take another fresh hit. When you let the e liquid out of your system, you say hello to your cloudy friends that you knew were going to pay you a visit. They are going to be pretty big and aromatic. You keep sniffing until they fully disappear and then go on another fresh vape trip that is possibly going to be way better than the last.


Primary Flavors: Tobacco


PG/VG: 35/65

Nicotine level

12MG, 6MG


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