Frappapow By Vape Wild E-Liquid 60ML

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Coffee is not for everyone and that is okay because there are different caffeine beverage you can get at most coffee shops. However, it is best not to waste your time going to each coffee shop checking out which one makes the best drinks. Instead, just get your hands on this e liquid and it will make you feel great. Frappapow is what they call the vape juice that makes your mouth water with every pull while savoring a wonderful espresso drink. When you take a pull of this e liquid, you are going to notice the rich chocolate flavor in this blend that is going to taste freshly made from cocoa beans. The chocolate is going to have a creamy texture, almost as if you were helping yourself to some chocolate milk, but not quite. You suddenly feel as if you have just walked into a coffee shop that just opened up so they have a lot to prove. It will be a sad day when they have to close down because their baristas were not killing it. Anyways, as you settle in this coffee shop, you let the chocolate notes in the beverage, which you are helping yourself to, take over. True, this e liquid has somehow turned into a cup of joe, but not just your regular cup of it. A caramel flavor begins to make its way inside of your mouth, and you can taste the sugary notes and the sweet hints that just melt in your mouth. The caramel is adding to the creamy sensation that the chocolate has already offered, and these two flavors are successfully complementing each other. Did you forget that this is a luxurious coffee shop? We hope not because then that means you are not ready for the next hint. It seems as if the maker of this drink threw in a shot of espresso because you can taste the bold coffee give you a ton of rich notes. Finally, this specially made drink has come together and it can now make its way down your throat. You are going to receive a throat hit that is going to be smooth yet small. You might not even notice it, but it will still be there because you feel as if you have chugged your whole drink. When you exhale, you will feel the e liquid gently making its way up your throat and begin to exit. The clouds you are making with leave you speechless and you realize that the coffee shop it took you will certainly not run out of business anytime soon. In fact, other places should probably look out for it before it makes their business come to an end.


Primary Flavors: Chocolate, Caramel, Coffee


PG/VG: 35/65

Nicotine level

3MG, 6MG


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